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Wedding Sign

I can provide just the right music for your processional, registry signing and recessional.  Your music can be digitally pre-recorded, or provided as sheet music for a live performance.  I also provide a framed copy of your sheet music or CD for you to remember your special day.


Looking for a unique song for your first dance as a married couple, or a song for your dance with your parents?  I can provide the song that tells your story as a digital recording, or as sheet music.  Your CD or sheet music is framed so you can remember your special day.


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Birthday Cake

Let me write a song that celebrates your special person.  Tell me all about them so I can tell the story of their life.  Give them a framed copy of their song to remember their special day.


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Video Game Scene
Cut Scenes and Background Music

Thematic consistency ties a game together, while cut scenes require special music to further engage the players.  I work with the game designers to create music that captures the feel of the game and pull the players into the action.  Music can be provided in various digital formats for easy incorporation into the game.


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Film Reel
Film Scores

Many films are defined by their music as much as their story and cinematography.  Well written music helps support the emotional content of a movie and leitmotifs help audiences identify with their associated characters.  Just think of Jaws and Star Wars.  I collaborate with directors to ensure the music supports the movie.  I can provide either digital recordings or sheet music of the scores.


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Symphony Orchestra
Orchestral, Band and Jazz Music

Don't play the same pieces as all the other orchestras and bands are playing.  Premiere new music that is written to maximize the abilities of your ensemble.  I work with each group to identify their strengths and write music that is appropriate for the musicians.  I will provide a full score as well as one of each individual part.

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