Film Scores

Many films are defined by their music as much as their story and cinematography.  Well written music helps support the emotional content of a movie and leitmotifs help audiences identify with their associated characters.  Just think of Jaws and Star Wars.  Film music must enhance the story.  The choice of music for a movie is vital to its success.  I collaborate with directors to ensure the music supports the movie.  I can provide either digital recordings or sheet music of the scores.


Video Games


Thematic consistency ties a game together, while cut scenes require special music to further engage the players.  I work with game designers to create music that captures the feel of the game and pulls the players into the action.  Music can be provided in various digital formats for easy incorporation into the game.  It's not only about the video.  The best games have the best music, and your game should be the best.

Stay tuned....more to come.

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